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Energy Healing with Greg Bjornstad

What is Enegy Healing?

What is Energy Healing?


Field Dynamics Modality

Energy healing - also referred to as ‘energy work’  - is a holistic method in which higher consciousness and energy flow through the practitioner to clear blockage and support the physical body’s natural regeneration. 


Energy healing is a method which unblocks and clarifies the electromagnetic field (the aura, or biofield) that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. In doing so, aspects of the field that have been distorted by stress, held emotion or trauma are able to be processed and resolved. Field Dynamics energy healing offers the depth and potency to restore flow, balance and harmony to your field. Working with the energy field in this way can bring about significant shifts in an individual, providing the space for insight, healing and greater inner peace.  (

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Field First Model:

A way of understanding how energy healing works is through the "field first model": how thoughts and emotions left unresolved in our energy field may eventually lead to physical symptoms and even dis-ease.  Energy blockages and distortions inhibit the natural, healthful flow of energy through our systems.  By addressing the underlying energetic cause of the manifesting symptom, the system’s natural flow and balance can be restored and the dis-ease is healed.

Energy "Facilitator"

The healer doesn’t heal, but instead facilitates a healing or awakening by holding space and the intention for the client while interacting with Spirit to “run” specific energy programs or protocols.  As the client and practitioner develop a trusting and cooperative relationship, both hold the intention that the state of natural wellbeing and healing be restored.  

Why Energy Healing?

Why Energy Healing?

It can help with...
  • Relationships & Ancestry

  • Talk Therapy Fatigue

  • Radical Forgiveness (self & other)

  • Astrological Transits

  • Repeating Situations

  • System Coherence

  • Existential Crisis

  • Energy Anatomy Development

  • Soul Work & Purpose

Why Energy Healing?

There are many reasons to seek energy healing, especially after all COVID brought us and social isolation.  If you are considering energy healing as an alternative treatment for your symptom, issue or experience, I’ll be delighted to schedule a Free Discovery Call to see if this is something I or others may be able to help you with.  My personal path led me through psycho-spiritual issues where a clearer perception of who I really am (awakening) began to alleviate my mental, emotional and spiritual suffering.  Others come to energy healing through life circumstances or physical ailments.  Regardless, the healing process is the same, to dig into the energetic cause of the manifesting dis-ease and address the issue there, to release blockages and distortions to facilitate healthy, authentic, balanced energy flow, holistically, through your system.  May all beings be free from suffering. 🙏

Meet Greg Bjornstad

Meet Greg Bjornstad

Certified Energy Healer/Facilitator

During the COVID years of 2021 and 2022, Greg studied through and completed an energy healing course in the Field Dynamics modality with Keith Parker and Christabel Armsden.  Greg chose to follow the certification path, passing both written and practical exams and completing the volunteer case study requirements in July 2022.  At present, Greg is cultivating his energy healing practice and developing his energy healing business, often two different skill sets!   


What to Expect in Session?

What to Expect in Session?


Once we’ve had our Free Discovery Call and agree we are a good match, we’ll schedule a more in-depth Free 30 Minute Intake Session.  During this Zoom session, we’ll go into more detail about the issue you are bringing.  We’ll discuss connections that could be related to the issue, in both present circumstances as well as possibilities from past experiences or traumas.  (Trauma doesn’t necessarily have to be a gigantic calamity!) 


Astrology: I’ll ask that you provide your exact birth information; date, time and location, so that I can run your Natal Astrology Chart.  (The sooner in our process you provide this information, the better.)  Frequently, important lessons, experiences and challenges appear in our natal chart, giving our souls a point of focused learning to experience in this life.  If we have a sense of what these are, it can help to de-personalize these challenges and we can begin to work with, rather than against them. 

The Session: We have up to 90 minutes for this Zoom call, with 60 of those minutes being allocated to the energy protocol.  The additional time is available to check-in before the session, to see if anything new has changed or shifted since the Intake.  There is also time to chat afterwards, if you’re up to it.  Sometimes, the client may not be up for conversation, but could feel very relaxed or “out of it”, so talking is not advised.  In that case, we can plan to have a follow up session, if desired, to discuss the session. 


Logistics: During the session you are welcome to sit comfortably or lie down, within my view of you, so I can monitor your status.  Most of the time, the session resembles a meditation, where you can relax and just let things happen, there is no need to actively participate.  Thoughts and feelings may arise that seem unrelated to the topic, where you can allow them to come and go.  Others may seem pertinent and you are invited to let them be and reveal themselves more fully.  These realizations are often “aha moments”! 


I will be mostly quiet as I run the energy protocols.  Periodically, I may check in with you as to how you’re feeling and may offer encouragement or minor direction, to breathe into an area, for example.  You may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep.  Not to worry, the work is still happening and the energy is running! 


After your session, you could feel tired or worn out, or, even energized!  Your path to healing, balance and wellness is unique to you and nothing is better or worse than the other.  You may find that you think or feel differently about the issue than you did before; be open to all of it, allowing these energetic transformations to unfold.  It may be that either or both of us believe you may benefit from a follow up session(s).  If so, we’ll bypass the Intake call and simply schedule another Energy Healing Session.  I am delighted to be of service to others along their healing path, to facilitate wellness and well-being, in all its forms! 🙏

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My Services

If you are new to Greg's Healing Space, let's begin with a Free Discovery Call.  If you are returning, let's continue with a Returning 90 Minute Online Healing Session. 

If you would like to use a form of payment other than a credit/debit card, Apple Pay or PayPal, please email me at gregs healing space at icloud dot com and we can discuss the options and the system. (Zelle or Venmo)

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