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More about Greg


During the COVID years of 2021 and 2022, Greg studied through and completed an energy healing course in the Field Dynamics modality with Keith Parker and Christabel Armsden.  Greg chose to follow the certification path, passing both written and practical exams and completing the volunteer case study requirements in July 2022.  At present, Greg is cultivating his energy healing practice and developing his energy healing business, often two different skill sets! 


Before this chapter, Greg lived and worked most of his adult life in the Northern California wine industry, with most of that time being an entrepreneur.  He maintained a decades long viticultural consultancy, launched his eponymous wine label, Bjornstad Cellars, and developed a production-oriented vineyard database app called eVit.  As Life often does, it “offered” change and transitions and brought Greg back to Colorado, the home of his teenage and young adult years.  That shift coincided EXACTLY with the COVID curtain falling on life as we knew it, Friday, March 13, 2020.  Early retirement ensued, with plenty of time available, but with lockdowns, no place to go.  These were the circumstances that brought Greg to study energy healing. 


Before that, Greg was always a seeker, knowing there was more to life than sex, drugs, rock and roll, climbing social and professional ladders and acquiring stuff.  Alternative studies were always fascinating for this budding mystic.  He studied Christianity, astrology, Tarot, shamanism, meditation, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, alchemy, Human Design and Gene Keys, as ways to understand himself, what it means to be human and to connect with the divine. What has become clear to Greg is that being of service to others is not only immensely satisfying but an important step toward our own healing and personal and collective evolution. 


Thank you so much for visiting my website.  If you resonate with anything I’ve presented, I hope you’ll reach out and schedule some time with me.  Let’s get acquainted and see if I can facilitate a healing/awakening experience to help you on your path to health, balance and wholeness.  Sincerely, Greg Bjornstad 🙏

When I approached Greg, I was struggling mainly with my confidence and low self-esteem which was causing me to have repeated feelings of anxiety and feeling quite lost on a daily basis.  Greg expertly guided me to find what was the root cause of these through my natal birth chart and during our session.  Since our session, I have felt a better sense of ease and at peace with my past.  I feel more balanced, calm and centered which has helped me move forward whereas before I felt stuck.  He supported me before, during and after the sessions.  I felt very safe working with Greg and he held the space very well throughout the process.  I would highly recommend Greg for anyone who has an issue in their life that is not serving them anymore and needing help removing the energetic block, whatever it maybe.

CM, Dublin, Ireland

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